To my fellow sojourner…

Today is a Sunday. It’s sunny, and typically, as with every other day, it’s about the Son.

This blog will entail numerous ideas, thoughts, revelations, and reflections. As one goes about life, so too does another; we are all interconnected. And so I will share certain aspects of my life in the endeavour to encourage and engage, both with you – the reader, God, and myself.

Vulnerability is a part of life which can be humbling and freeing. To be without it is to do yourself and others a disservice. And so I will be vulnerable, and with the knowledge that perhaps what have to say could be wrong, I am willing to risk having my pride hurt and being offended in the pursuit of encouraging and connecting with whosoever happens to read this. As a fellow sojourner, I hope to encourage you, to whatever possible extent, to live in and with Grace.

Feel welcome to come along as I take this journey.


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