I yearn.

I yearn for the intimate

Connection with my Holy

Creator; the one

I love.


For I know of sweet melodies that there are

but I am grasping for what is already here.

These sweet melodies sing songs and look like

a garden of flowers, dancing.

Oh how we dance! God

and I, he holds me as we sway.

This loving embrace it feels like a dance

the highs the lows the constancy.

Colour permeates through this life on earth.


-The spirit is a colourful one.


This peace, this taste of that which is here and now but also yet to come.


This God.

He cannot be pinned down, not to a gender, for she twirls her dress with the magnificence of a rainbow of thunder and he guides me like a gentleman to my seat.


And all the tears, all the forbearance, all the agony

That which seems to not make love with grace

Is a marriage, one where brokenness is not incompatible

with Love, for love fills in the cracks with Love

like Glue, pulling the broken pieces back into unity.


I yearn for the One,

Hopefully not only for the self-fulfilment of feeling whole,

not only for the broken pieces to be broken no more.

But for the One, for without his Spirit

I am not one.


I long for the One who is here.



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2 thoughts on “Yearnings

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  1. Hi there. Great to see that you are using some gender-inclusive language for Creator. So few Christian writers are willing to do this even though, when challenged, they may not believe God is masculine, they continue to use exclusively masculine language for the person of Yahweh. A study of the character, and the language used to describe, the Spirit (Ruach) should be enough to convince most of us to alter our language to accommodate that which dwells with might within us and has been present brooding over/in nature from the beginning of time. Blessings. Good to meet another local Christian blogger.


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