I yearn.

I yearn for the intimate

Connection with my Holy

Creator; the one

I love.


For I know of sweet melodies that there are

but I am grasping for what is already here.

These sweet melodies sing songs and look like

a garden of flowers, dancing.

Oh how we dance! God

and I, he holds me as we sway.

This loving embrace it feels like a dance

the highs the lows the constancy.

Colour permeates through this life on earth.


-The spirit is a colourful one.


This peace, this taste of that which is here and now but also yet to come.


This God.

He cannot be pinned down, not to a gender, for she twirls her dress with the magnificence of a rainbow of thunder and he guides me like a gentleman to my seat.


And all the tears, all the forbearance, all the agony

That which seems to not make love with grace

Is a marriage, one where brokenness is not incompatible

with Love, for love fills in the cracks with Love

like Glue, pulling the broken pieces back into unity.


I yearn for the One,

Hopefully not only for the self-fulfilment of feeling whole,

not only for the broken pieces to be broken no more.

But for the One, for without his Spirit

I am not one.


I long for the One who is here.



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