Mountain to Grapple

Sometimes I have such clarity.

My being knows it’s maker.

My heart is at rest.

Though my mind may float around with the wind, it knows where to return to;

the heart and mind are in sync.

I expect goodness from my God;

I am sure of who I am as

His child.


Then there are times when I grapple.

Grapple for understanding grapple for clarity grapple for peace

This rocky edge that I’m running on seems like it is about to


tumble down.

Yet I know it won’t. The wings of my God are a barrier, if I fall of the edge –

I fall onto the broad wings of the dove.

I lay and I rest.

I nestle into his feathers and his wings wrap around me….

We fly; we dance; we are.


When I am rested,

He places me down.

And nods.

He leads

I go

He follows.




The feature photograph is Mozambique Mountain taken by Matt Feldman whose photographs help to make a positive impact around the world. I encourage you to check out his work here.




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