Wanting A Church


I want a people;

a group to belong to.

I want a loving community – the Utopia

of heaven here on earth.


A church without the church with

Christianity only heard in echoes.

Those who love and worship Jesus

In a mosque

at the call of a minaret.

In a cathedral

at the call of the bell.

The call of the Tower beckons us to imagine who

God is and we are.


I want a people who adore

our God.

The logos of everything, for everything.

Who suffered

Who cried

Who felt.

We felt

God felt.


I want a people

Who is open?

I am closed

off from Christianity.

It does not own Christ.

It owns insanity. To believe it could restrict

the Lord of Logos to its petty religion.

How prideful!

How arrogant!

Of me not to realise that this very people whom

I want to be family with is

The church.

The church with or without its religion.

The people who suffered

who cried

who felt

for their Lord.

These people are not kept lock and chain by their religion,


They are free.

Whether Christianity is an echo in the church

or it deafens me. It does not matter.

Because our Lord is Christ, who is the centre.





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