Sanctifying Grace

Grace is less of an abstract concept than sometimes I would like it to be. When it stays abstract we can still think we are in control our perfection. When it isn't abstract anymore it continuously hits us like massive smooch on your cheek that leaves a lipstick stain that we just can't manage to get off! Grace... Continue Reading →


Sharing Revelation with Non-Believers

  Recently I caught up with a relative of mine and it left me wondering; to help a person best is it better to share the wisdom you have with them, or to listen to them as they decipher what they know to find solutions to their issues. You're probably thinking, 'it depends on the... Continue Reading →

Culture and the Gospel

The gospel message is pure and truthful. A grey area for many Christians is how to live according to the gospel and Jesus' teachings within the culture they find themselves in. Often secular people can view the gospel as something so intrinsically linked to Western culture that the sharing of the gospel with non-believers from other cultures... Continue Reading →

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