Limitation as Redemption

Limitations are in all of us. You, and me, both humans, and undoubtably distinct from one another. The diversity within humanity is acute; gender, sexuality, autism, personality, intellect. Every human being is made in the image of God, yet we are all uniquely different. The fullness of God is never displayed fully in any of... Continue Reading →


Symbiotic Dance

Take my hand… let us dance together. Warm my aching bones with your breath. Encourage me, revive me, come dance with me again. For I am tired, you see? And I am in need. This child dreams of being rescued. Pick me up and help me to twirl, then perhaps I will have the energy... Continue Reading →

Waiting for Sunday

A twinge and a tug, covered in blood. Insides racing, sorrow and love amalgamating. This fear and petrification, buried in God's consolation. Vying for domination, a war goes on. This battle for self- recognition. Neither backs down, yet neither can win for they exist within one another. A quest for justice and liberation; for tradition... Continue Reading →

Who is God?

....instigated the long, painful yet necessary process, of my evaluating which parts of my worldview are holy and which are lies that my culture has propogated. Intrinsic to this, and arguably more important has been my wrestling with who God really is - what is true, and what are the christian cultural lies that I have automatically believed?

Hope and Despair

In Christianity, faith, hope, and love, are the big three. Yet, I think that often we forget about hope, and shift our focus, perhaps slightly too much, onto only faith and love. After a low period, I began to read Theology of Hope by Jürgen Moltmann.

Introversion and Community

It is invasively isolating to be somewhere without close friends and family... my inner-world and reflective capacity soared, and thus so too did my self-confidence. What I don't realise however, is that when I am dancing for so long in my inner-world, I actually get worn out from not being with and participating in the life of others.

Mountain to Grapple

Sometimes I have such clarity. My being knows it's maker. My heart is at rest. Though my mind may float around with the wind, it knows where to return to; the heart and mind are in sync. I expect goodness from my God; I am sure of who I am as His child.   Then... Continue Reading →

Are our Rights Wrong?

The concept of rights seems to underpin a lot of Western thought and responses to world crises. It effects how people relate to one another, whether they assert their individual rights, or whether they submit to another. In God's eyes, are we entitled to anything? I think our sense of entitlement is one of the root causes of tensions and arguments between people.

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