The Struggle

Be patient with yourself. Give yourself time. If you aren't doing okay at the moment, don't tell yourself that you aren't doing good enough, or that you're not being a good follower of Jesus. Give yourself some grace, and be kind to yourself.


Stop trying so hard.

...maybe you have to give up the idea you have of who you want to be, and give in to God's ability to fashion you into the person He wants you to be. Give up trying so hard to render yourself into who you think is the best person you can be, because God may have a different idea.

Sanctifying Grace

Grace is less of an abstract concept than sometimes I would like it to be. When it stays abstract we can still think we are in control our perfection. When it isn't abstract anymore it continuously hits us like massive smooch on your cheek that leaves a lipstick stain that we just can't manage to get off! Grace... Continue Reading →

Grace and Control

Recently I have been pondering about the control we have, or the lack thereof, over what happens in our lives. God is the master draftsman and orchestrator of much of what goes on in our lives. He chooses to work with whatever we do, and whatever others do to fulfil his goal: Love. He loves the... Continue Reading →

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