Symbiotic Dance

Take my hand… let us dance together. Warm my aching bones with your breath. Encourage me, revive me, come dance with me again. For I am tired, you see? And I am in need. This child dreams of being rescued. Pick me up and help me to twirl, then perhaps I will have the energy... Continue Reading →


Waiting for Sunday

A twinge and a tug, covered in blood. Insides racing, sorrow and love amalgamating. This fear and petrification, buried in God's consolation. Vying for domination, a war goes on. This battle for self- recognition. Neither backs down, yet neither can win for they exist within one another. A quest for justice and liberation; for tradition... Continue Reading →


I forgive you. I forgive the evil within you, that which is not your fault, but your forebearers. That which may not even be their fault but a product of humanity's maturing. I forgive the ignorance, that which although mainly willful, came from fear. I forgive the 'therapy' you gave to your victims, contributing to... Continue Reading →

Mountain to Grapple

Sometimes I have such clarity. My being knows it's maker. My heart is at rest. Though my mind may float around with the wind, it knows where to return to; the heart and mind are in sync. I expect goodness from my God; I am sure of who I am as His child.   Then... Continue Reading →


I yearn. I yearn for the intimate Connection with my Holy Creator; the one I love.   For I know of sweet melodies that there are but I am grasping for what is already here. These sweet melodies sing songs and look like a garden of flowers, dancing. Oh how we dance! God and I,... Continue Reading →

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